Borrow It or Try It out First … Device Lending Library

FREED has a growing library of devices available for borrowing at no cost. Individuals, family members, businesses, organizations and schools may all participate. These short term loans may give you the opportunity to:

  • “Try before you buy”
  • Accommodate a guest with a disability
  • Assist an employee in the workplace
  • Help a student with a needed device for a school term
  • Fill in while a device is being repaired
  • Or, help with other short–term needs.

Items in the loan library include, but are not limited to devices such as:

  • Portable wheelchair and threshold ramps
  • Vision Aids like magnifiers, TV viewing glasses, talking blood pressure monitor, talking weight scale and talking money identifier
  • Hearing devices like portable listening amplifiers, amplified phone, TV listening headphones, door and phone signaler, and wireless keyboard communicator for people who are deaf
  • Computer devices like trackballs, ergonomic or large print keyboards
  • Mobility and dexterity devices like one-touch jar and can openers, reachers, and Kindle electronic Book reader
  • Wii game system to promote alternative means for exercise
  • Speech communication devices
  • iPad tablet with a variety of adaptive apps for people with disabilities
  • and much more.

Or, visit the online listing for FREED’s Device Lending Library at the AT Exchange website

Be sure to select FREED as the device loan center for your search. There are other Device Lending Libraries throughout California.