Jail and Bail Fundraiser 2018

February 2, 2018

It’s time for the annual Jail and Bail Fundraiser, sponsored by KNCO. Several of FREED’s kind supporters are heading to “Jail” and will be collecting “Bail” in order to get out, and to support FREED! Check out the BAIL WANTED posters below, and click on the button below your favorite jailee to help pay their bail through PayPal. You may also call FREED at 477-3333 to pledge bail to your favorite “prisoner”.

The real fun takes place on Thursday, March 22nd: First check The Union in the morning for Mug Shots of our “jailees” then tune in to KNCO radio. The KNCO Meeting Room becomes a jail. The Jailers (KNCO Staff) interview their prisoners on air, and this is the chance for them to thank and acknowledge those who contributed “bail” and to talk about the organizations they are supporting. FREED would like to thank KNCO and The Union for all the years of sponsoring and supporting the Jail & Bail Fundraiser – since 1995 according to our records!!!!!

Disability Rap December 1, 2017

February 2, 2018

Pathways Art Exhibit – Friday, December 15th, 4Pm to 8PM

December 11, 2017

FREED Center for Independent Living and the California Arts Council are happy to announce the opening of “Pathways,” a fine art exhibit featuring the work of Resident Artists Juliette Williams and Linda Cipolla. Americana music will be provided by ukulele player Carol Meals and friends. Juliette’s paintings and Linda’s fabric and metal art will be will be offered for sale, and will highlight the contributions of the disability community in the Nevada County area. The exhibit will take place on December 15 from 4PM-8PM at FREED, 2059 Nevada City Highway, Grass Valley.  Please stop by to enjoy the art, appetizers, wine, music and company! Call (530) 477-3333 for more information.  




Disability Rap – October 6, 2017: The intersection of climate change and disability

October 11, 2017

On the show this month, we spend the hour talking about the intersection of disability and climate change. With the recent hurricanes devastating southern states, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean, and the recent fires in Nevada County, the effects of climate change have been hitting closer and closer to home. What happens to people with disabilities and older adults during evacuations and natural disasters? Where do we go? Are emergency shelters wheelchair accessible and equipped to house people with disabilities and meet our needs? How do people who don’t drive or who rely on public transportation evacuate during emergencies? What happens to people who rely on personal care attendants if their attendants can’t go with them?

We’re joined by Alex Ghenis and Bryan Snyder. Alex is a Policy and Research Specialist at the World Institute on Disability. He is currently managing the New Earth Disability project, which addresses how climate change is affecting people with disabilities and how communities can prepare. Bryan is a Nevada County native and is helping to start the Green Party’s Disability Caucus. He is a documentarian, a writer, and a poet and is deeply concerned with the effects of climate change.

Celebrating Our Roots – October 13th

September 12, 2017

FREED Center for Independent Living

Celebrating Our Roots

1950’s Theme Party!

October 13th, 2017 

5:30 PM – 9:00 PM

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Summer Thyme’s Bakery & Deli, Grass Valley

Come Celebrate FREED with stories and poetry from Nevada County’s disability rights movement. Join with members of FREED’s board and staff, local people with disabilities, friends and family while also supporting the Bounty of Local Farmers!

Learn about FREED’ roots and enjoy a sumptuous four-course meal highlighting local, sustainable farm-to-fork cuisine, paired with local wines.

Menu Featuring Local Food from 

  • Johansen Ranch
  • Mountain Bounty
  • OLALA Farms

And Prepared by Summer Thyme’s Bakery & Deli

1950s MENU

Hors D’oeurves: Meatballs on toothpicks, deviled eggs, chex mix, pimento cheese and crackers
Iceberg Lettuce Wedge with Blue cheese ribbon
Pot roast, mashed potatoes and carrots
Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie

Bread Baskets
Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream

Vegetarian, Gluten Free, and Vegan options available

Enjoy live stories and poetry from FREED board members, staff, and supporters.

Music by:

Silent Auction:

  • An assortment of wonderful silent auction items donated by local businesses and individuals.

How much: $45 per person, $80 per couple.

A limited number of tickets will be made available to individuals who cannot otherwise afford to attend by calling FREED. If you would like to donate a ticket please call FREED.

Reserve today: Tickets at FREED or online at www.FREED.org —Advance ticket required. For more information call FREED at 530-477-3333

This event has limited seating. Be sure to save your place at the table!

Platinum Sponsors

  • Summer Thyme’s Bakery & Deli

Disability Rap – September 1, 2017

September 5, 2017

Disability Rap – August 4, 2017: Disability and Politics with Ted Jackson

August 7, 2017

On the show this month, we interview Ted Jackson, the Community Organizing Consultant with the California Federation of Independent Living Centers. We talk with Ted about disability rights and inequality issues, both here in California and nationally. Ted worked on the Hillary Clinton campaign and now works for the Democratic National Committee, so we talk with him about that, too.

Connecting our Community: Yuba and Sutter Counties have a new resource for older adults to get answers and get connected to information.

July 27, 2017

Marysville, CA — Beginning this July, through a grant provided by Agency on Aging Area 4, FREED is the new provider for the Senior Information & Assistance Program in Yuba and Sutter Counties. FREED is your local one-stop shop for any and all of your aging and disability related questions. FREED provides information and assistance to anyone looking for resources related to seniors and people with disabilities such as: housing, transportation, nutrition programs, benefits, legal assistance, in-home support, navigating the healthcare system, community activities, employment, military and veterans support, and much more.  Family members, caregivers and providers can also find helpful resources and support via this service.  
As the aging population grows and people live longer, the demand for information on long term services and support will continue to increase. FREED’s Senior Information & Assistance Program will play a critical role in coordinating access to information and connection to services by providing a single access point into the system. The Senior Information & Assistance Program will minimize confusion, enhance individual choice, and support informed decision-making through a “no wrong-door” approach to information and assistance.
FREED can help individuals schedule and coordinate legal, AARP tax-preparation, and HICAP Medicare Counseling services. This grant will also support FREED in developing an online resource guide that seniors, people with disabilities, family members, caregivers, providers, and others can access from anywhere at any time.  FREED has staff members who speak English, Spanish, and Hmong and has the ability to access instant translation for over 200 languages.
FREED is committed to helping seniors and persons with disabilities get the information and resources they need to maintain a high quality of life, and we are excited to offer this service to the Yuba-Sutter community.
Individuals can access the Senior Information & Assistance Program Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to 4:00PM by calling 530-742-4474 or TTY: 530-742-2379, by coming to FREED’s office at 508 J Street, Marysville, CA, or by using the contact form on FREED’s website at www.FREED.org.



Come Advocate for Access to Affordable and Accessible Housing in Nevada City – TONIGHT!

July 12, 2017

Tonight, the Nevada City Council will be considering a proposal by Steve Bowden to develop a 0.82-acre parcel at 601 Searls Avenue in Nevada City into a six-unit multi-family housing development. The City requires that “Thirty percent of all homes located in new subdivisions … shall be affordable to moderate and below income households.” The developer is circumventing this requirement by claiming that the units will be “Affordable by Design.”

Please join FREED and Tenants of Nevada County at the City Council meeting in calling for truly affordable and accessible housing in Nevada City.

When: Wednesday, July 12, 2017, 6:30 p.m.

Where: City Hall, 317 Broad Street, Nevada City, CA 95959

Click here to read FREED’s statement: HTML, PDF.

Letter to the Nevada City Council Regarding The Bungalows Housing Development

July 12, 2017

July 12, 2017
Evans Phelps, Mayor
317 Broad Street
Nevada City, CA 95959

Dear Mayor Phelps,

I write to you on behalf of two local organizations. The FREED Center for Independent Living is a resource center for people with disabilities and older adults residing in Nevada, Sierra, Yuba, Sutter, and Colusa Counties. Access to affordable, accessible housing is one of our main focus areas. I am the Disability Community Advocate for FREED.

Tenants of Nevada County was formed in response to the application for approval of The Grove housing project. We are made up of young people, many who grew up here and have returned, others who have come to make a home here and contribute to the life of this place. We need affordable housing and see a greater community need to meaningfully respond to the ongoing housing crisis. We are committed to working on this issue for the long-term. I am a Core Organizer with Tenants of Nevada County.

As you know, The Bungalows housing development is being proposed at 601 Searls Avenue, Nevada City. The proposal was approved by the Nevada City Planning Commission on June 15, 2017 and now is before the City Council. We very much support new housing development and are here to call for more truly accessible housing in Nevada City.

Similar to The Grove project, this developer, Steve Bowden, is circumventing the requirement in Nevada City’s 2014-2019 Housing Element that 30% of all new homes in subdivisions be affordable to moderate- and low-income individuals and families by proposing that the units will be “Affordable by Design.”

The Housing Element states: “Thirty percent of all homes located in new subdivisions shall be 1,500 square feet or smaller. These homes shall be affordable to moderate and below income households. This shall be accomplished through deed restrictions or through an affordable housing plan that includes moderate and below income housing opportunities accomplished through a variety of mechanisms including, but not limited to, size restrictions, rental units, second units, etc.” We commend the City for this language in the Housing Element and ask you to uphold your commitment to assuring that there is access to affordable housing in the City.

The developer is claiming that the inexpensive materials he plans to use, the small size of the units, the proximity to downtown Nevada City, and the cost savings achieved from the sustainable design, will offset both the eventual purchase price and the eventual rental price of the homes he wants to build. FREED and Tenants of Nevada County reject this claim.

Regarding the developer’s proposal, we note that:

1. The developer has not provided any figures for the expected rental price and/or the expected sale price of these units. Without such figures, we can only speculate and do not actually know whether the eventual rental and sale prices will be affordable.

2. The developer has not provided any figures for the expected monthly savings on utilities he claims will be achieved as a result of the energy efficient design of these units. Without such figures, we can only speculate and do not actually know whether the eventual rental and sale prices will be affordable.

3.The fact that this development would be within walking distance of local businesses and public transportation is circumstantial and should not be used as a justification of affordability.

We note that this is the second “Affordable by Design” proposal that has come before the City in recent months. We would like to hear from the City Council whether you think that this “Affordable by Design” model actually meets the needs of moderate- and low-income residents of Nevada County seeking affordable housing in Nevada City. The need for more affordable and accessible housing in our City is clear. We would like to hear from the City Council what strategies can be pursued to expand access to affordable and accessible housing in Nevada City.

One solution is the formation of housing cooperatives. Tenants of Nevada County has started steps towards incorporating a non-profit Limited Equity Housing Cooperative (LEHC) which could purchase built units or raw land and then develop it, assuring affordability in perpetuity. An LEHC takes the responsibility of enforcing and monitoring the affordability requirements away from the developer, homeowner’s association, or the City.

Additionally, while we understand that per CBC Chapter 11A, one of the units of The Bungalows must be accessible and while we understand that all six units have the same floorplan and therefore all would be accessible, at least on the interior, we request copies of the floorplans when they become available so that we can work with the City and the developer to ensure that the accessibility standards are met.

During the last Housing Element cycle, FREED requested that the Element include provisions requiring that 30 percent of all new housing units be designed with “Universal Design” principles. We continue to call for this in order to increase the number of housing units available to meet the needs of people with disabilities in Nevada City.

Thank you for your attention to this very important issue facing Nevada City. We look forward to hearing your responses.


Carl Sigmond
Disability Community Advocate, FREED
Core Organizer, Tenants of Nevada County

Click here to view this letter as a PDF.