Join us on December 4th to learn about the history of disability civil rights

November 19, 2015

Cover of HolLynn's book Becoming real in 24 days

Know your history: Know your rights: Know yourself.

What: Join us as we learn about the history behind the famous section 504 sit ins, in which the disability community won freedom from discrimination in federal programs.

When: Friday, December 4 from 3 PM to 5 PM

Where: FREED Grass Valley office at 2059 Nevada City Hwy. Suite 102 Grass Valley

Why: Because we have to know where we’ve been to know where we’re going.


Picture of HolLynn

Join us for a presentation by HolLynn, a disability rights activist and author of the book Becoming Real in 24 Days, on the story of the longest sit-in at a federal building in history, in which activists with disabilities fought for the regulations which made section 504 a reality. Thanks to the work of these early pioneers in the disability rights movement, people with disabilities, their friends and family can access federal programs without discrimination.

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