Disability Rap – October 6, 2017: The intersection of climate change and disability

October 11, 2017

On the show this month, we spend the hour talking about the intersection of disability and climate change. With the recent hurricanes devastating southern states, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean, and the recent fires in Nevada County, the effects of climate change have been hitting closer and closer to home. What happens to people with disabilities and older adults during evacuations and natural disasters? Where do we go? Are emergency shelters wheelchair accessible and equipped to house people with disabilities and meet our needs? How do people who don’t drive or who rely on public transportation evacuate during emergencies? What happens to people who rely on personal care attendants if their attendants can’t go with them?

We’re joined by Alex Ghenis and Bryan Snyder. Alex is a Policy and Research Specialist at the World Institute on Disability. He is currently managing the New Earth Disability project, which addresses how climate change is affecting people with disabilities and how communities can prepare. Bryan is a Nevada County native and is helping to start the Green Party’s Disability Caucus. He is a documentarian, a writer, and a poet and is deeply concerned with the effects of climate change.

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