30 people go to Disability Capitol Action Day 2015

June 2, 2015

capitol building

We are proud to report that, for our 30-year anniversary, we brought 30 people from our community to Disability Capitol Action Day, which is our annual day in Sacramento in which we join up with statewide partners to show what disability rights activism is all about.

We had the opportunity to visit a resource fair on the west steps of the Capitol, in which we learned about available resources. One individual was even able to connect with employment resources to get back to work, which had been one of their goals for a while. Also, there was hardly a slow moment with an educational rally in the morning, music, lunch, and a forum on the Americans with Disabilities Act in the afternoon.

A number of our community members enjoyed the opportunity to meet with representatives Jim Nielsen, James Gallagher, and Ted Gaines, to discuss issues that they cared about. A couple of the hot bills this year were AB-474, which would raise Supplemental Security Income to the current 2015 cost-of-living and SB-251, which if passed, would have allowed businesses to delay on making necessary access modifications to their establishments while decreasing the penalty for doing so. We are glad that SB-251 did not get through committee, and we hope that there will be a cost-of-living adjustment included in next year’s SSI grants.

Overall, a fantastic day in the capital. Stay tuned next year, because DCAD 2016 promises to be even better!

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